Windshield seal rubber a floppin'

I've got an old Taurus where the exterior windshield edge rubber has come lose on the passenger's side down to the bottom where it ends. I can't get it stuffed back into place so I'm just gonna cut some of the back off so it'll lay flat in it's groove and seal it down. What should I use? Silicone or a better weather proof adhesive? I'm thinking something better.

isn't there a black looking window sealer you can get at the autoparts store? maybe try that? i would think black rtv would also work though since you are just holding the rubber strip in place?

my son's tj has the whole rubber along the bottom of the windshield flopping around. the windshield installer used a split seal instead of the one piece and its been flopping around since a month after it was installed. he just tucks it under the windshield wipers, ha ha ha. i would just cut it off, myself, and run with out it
Is there something in the channel that prevents the rubber from going back into place? Maybe some leaves or other gunk? I'd try cleaning it out with a small screwdriver before I give up.