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    One last Question on my 2000 TJ Sport (Spring Project) , I have plans to put a 2” lift on it, with 31X10.5R15 on my factory Grizzly Rims. Last Question: What tires would you recommend for my usage, I will be doing some highway driving but mostly local travel with the occasional trail ride, and to be able to handle the PA winter snow. Quadratec has recommended two models, Dick Cepek Radial F-C II or the Baja Claw Radial. Does anyone have advice on tires that work for them. Your opinion is greatly respected and appreciated. They have to look like they belong on a JEEP of course. Randy Bethlehem Pa.

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    Well if your looking at lots of road miles and snow travel look at the BFG All Terrains. I like Mud Terrain type tires, or even Swampers, but if your driving on snow a lot go with the AT's they perform very well in packed snow.
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    The Goodyear Wrangler MTR came from the factory on my Rubicon. I realy like the way they look. They do great in sand and swamp mud but not sure how they do in the snow, I live in florida. They are a bit noisy on the highway and i have read that people get about 30k out of them. the worst thing is they cost lots of $$$$$$.

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    I say go bootleg.... Save money for things that dont wear out....
    I like the way the kumho's look ... Go to pepboys and ask for the el-chepo M/Ts

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    I have a set of Mud Kings they are a BFG off brand. They are great tires and I can not hear any howl over the softop noise. If you use it a lot offroad I would say go with a All Terrain. I would Say BFG AT but they are not the cheepest. I have had some pretty good off brand AT that wore pretty well, just depends on how much cash you have.
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    That's a no-brainer. BFG All terrain TA/KO. Awesome tires. Not a mud bogger by any means, but they do well offroad, they are excellent snow tires, and the treadlife is as long or longer that any like tire out there. I had a set on my YJ and was putting 100 miles a day on them before I sold the Jeep, many of those commutes were in snow and ice. Here's some pix of them offroad:
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    dunlop radial rovers are good tires for on and off the road, theyve gotten me through a lot of stuff and they clean mud out better than bfg all terrains do, tread life and noise are good too

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    BFG AT for the all-around use, otherwise a generic MT like the Kuhmo, Kelley, etc.

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    I would go with a AT tire if you are only offroad 5% of the time. If you are hell bent on having the MT look, I would recommend the yokohama geolander mt's I have a set of 33's and they are great for road handling, very quiet for a mt tire, and great traction off road. the only issue with these tires is that the side wall is only 3 ply opposed to the normal 4 ply+ found in other tires. but I have beat the bag out of these tires and I have never hurt them. Plus, they are fairly inexpensive through summit racing. The Kumho's are also great rubber, I got 40K miles out of a set of factory sized mt's but the noise is loud, and wet weather traction is non-exhistant, off road they are great, but overall still a good mt tire
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