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    I am currently trying to decide whether to keep my '81 CJ5 all original or modify to suit me personally.

    The dash is my main area of concern right now. Soon I will be getting a stainless dash and need to decide what holes need to be punched, etc.

    My wiper knob is kind of in a bad spot, it would be more readily accessible if it was higher on the dash, same thing with my headlight switch.

    I know I will not have the glove box cutout, due to the fact that I will be replacing my center console.

    So, is it a sin to modify a CJ to suit its owner?

    thanks for all input, Joel
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    Motor/Trans Mounts

    I think it's all what you personally want... If you were restoring a CJ to original condition, then of course you wouldn't want to change anything on it. You see CJ's with all kinds of mods including cutting the fenders, so of course people change them up to suit their needs.

    If it makes your life better and more convenient by making these changes, then go for it.
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  3. Do what you like! I have an aluminum dash full of AutoMeter gauges and new billet knobs for the heat and wipers. It's pretty kickass if I do say so myself.
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    redrooster-- Dude, I've seen the pictures of your Jeep.....the whole thing is pretty kickass.

    1981CJ5-- It's YOUR Jeep.......what do YOU want?
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