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    Just got all my stuff from onboardair.com today and I want to install everything this weekend. The only thing I'm missing is the instructions on wiring the Square D pressure switch. I can't figure out where the ground wire and the power wire hooks to. I'll be running it from a toggle switch to the square d to my York compressor. Any info or pics would be great. Thanks.

    This is the Square D pressure switch part number... 9013FHG12

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    Does not come with instructions.
    I actually wired mine about an hour ago.
    remove the grey cover and there are four screws where you can attatch wires. choose either the top two or bottom two. one wire goes to the clutch and the other goes to a switch. which is powered by 12 volt ignition.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks, but my switch has 4 screws all in a row. I ordered the 12J52 (Kilby's part number) pressure switch from onboardair.com. I don't have it here but I think the screws are labeled either in this order... L1, T1, T2, L2 or this order... T1, L1, L2, T2.

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    Winch Plunge


    This square D switch sounds like it is made exactly like a square D vacuum switch that I have.

    If so, the Square D is basically a double pole switch, with four terminals in a row. The left two terminals form a circuit when the switch is active, and so do the two right terminals.

    For example, if the terminals are labeled T1 L1 T2 L2 , then when the switch is active (aka closed circuit), T1=L1 and T2=L2

    So hook incomming hot from the toggle to T1, hot from compressor to L1.
    Then if you wish, you can hook Chassis ground to T2 and the ground wire from the compressor to L2. But note that switching the ground is completely optional.

    Hope that helps
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