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    I am in the middle of building me a motor dont laugh but so far I have a 2.5 lt bored over 30 and am about halfway done with a major port job on my head, I would have never guessed there is about a 1/2 of extra metel on the intake ports that you can get rid of just to make it flush with the port, i am looking for a mid range cam so that i can make more power from the 2500-4000 I called crane cams and they kinda laughed said they have never heard of some one wanting to put a cam in 4cyl jeep but they could probally custom grind me one for some ensane price, and if seems no one make any high performance parts for the 91-95 yj but you can find some things but not a lot for the 97-03 tj anyone have any ideas thats not going to cost me over 250.00 by the time its done I dont want to have a grand on a 4cyl and so far the rebuild kit cost me almost 350.00


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    Good job on rebuilding the 2.5L for power, I think it's a good light engine.

    Check with www.cliffordperformance.com for a cam, they specialize in 4 and 6 cyl. engines.

    I have a Mopar Performance cam for my 2.5L, sitting in the garage waiting for me to put it in. Got it from a jeep dealership brand new on ebay for about $40. DC discontinued the Performance shafts and they were moving like hotcakes.

    Mine is a 256*/.450" lift cam.

    Check around, you may be able to find more Mopar Performance cams relatively cheap. You can also get lots of 2.5L performance info at 4Bangers United Forums.

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    hesco, jakes, clifford and accupower all have cams for the 4 cyl. Call comp cams also they used to make the mopar performance once they may still have a part number for it.

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