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    I bought my '97 tj 4 banger used about 3K ago with 95K. Since then i have performed the routine oil/filter change, and replaced the cat. Seeing as how i'm nearing 100K what are some things i should add to my maintenance list. Here's what i'm thinking so far.... Fuel Filter change, tune-up, check all the fluids (power steering, coolant, etc.), differential service, transmission service, t-case service.

    I found this site <a href=> and it seemed to outline everything pretty well.

    Anyone got any input? ie. What do differential service, transmission service, t-case service mean? and are they things that i could possibly do myself with minimal mechanical knowledge?
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    front end high speed wobble

    I would probably change the plugs and wires and cap and rotor too. As far as differential service, probably just change the fluid in them, no big deal there. Transmission service... well im not sure what kind transmission you got, so ill pass on that question. Tcase service, again, probably just change the fluid.

    Im sure some of the more experienced guys will fill ya in with more details and tell ya if theres anything i missed.

    Good luck!!


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