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    I am building my 4.0 and I'am not sure witch cam to go with. Link will take you to crane cams. I'am looking at cam 1 or 2.(#750501 or 753901). If you have any info or advice please let me know what you think.



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    Both of the choises you listed were recommended for vehicles without computer control. Most of the 4.0´s I´ve seen have a computer of one type or another. I always recommend trailer towing cams for 4X4, they idle good, and are designed for torque, which helps with larger tires and delivers the torque where it´s needed, from idle to 2200/2400 RPMS. Most of the 4.0´s I´ve seen, are zippy enough stock and will do a 100 MPH, the only place they are lacking is with a little grunt, which only a couple of more cylinders will really help. Think about the timing chain, as long as your changing the cam anyway, they do get loose and sloppy with age. And checking the diameter, possible blue spots (hot spots) and scratching on the cam bearings isn´t a bad idea. Cam bearings are a pain to change even with special tools.[addsig]

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