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  1. Has anyone out there with a new jeep had any problem with voided warranties due to aftermarket mods/parts? For example lift kits, K&N air intakes, bigger tires, or any other mods. The mechanic at the dealership where I got my jeep said ANY modification would void my bumper to bumper warranty.
    2003 TJ
    4.0 automatic
    30in tire

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    it depends on the dealership, the way I understand it is that unless they can directly relate the warrenty problem to the mod then it is covered. For instance they have to warrenty a bad light socket, they can't say that it happened because of the lift. Most dealerships will overlook the mods because they are getting paided one way or another.

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    I think there is a law that protects you from things like that. Like ecor said, they have to show proof that the mod caused a premature failure on whatever you are caliming. You shouldn't have much trouble. If you do have trouble at one dealership, go to another.-al

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    Easiest thing to do, frequent different dealerships, if you see a lot of lifted jeeps in the employee's parking lot, they are most likely to over look "non mod/trail related damage"

    Thats the way it seems to be among people I know with new jeeps in my area. they all go to the same one, and it has a lot of trail rigs in the parking lot.
    It used to be a jeep Thing,
    But all that stuff broke


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