1. So I'm now sure the steering shaft seal is leaking on my 97 power steering gearbox. I was hoping one of you guys has replaced this "upper" seal before and might offer some advice. First, is this doab;e without a lot of shop tools (like presses). Second, what is the best way to get the Pitman Arm nut off? Third, does the gear-box simply slip off the steering yoke once the pinch bolt is removed, or is it pretty tough to get the unit off?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have a rebuild kit for my stearing box I am just to lazy to do it. It only leaks a little. As far as the pitman arm nut I had to use an impact to get it off. Mine was on the floor at the time. You should be able to use a breaker bar to get it off. To get the pitman arm off I tightened up a puller then used a BFH to break it loose.

    If it is like the one on my CJ the shaft should slip off when the nut is loosened.
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    best way to get the pitman nut off is to use a loooong piece of pipe for leverage or a good impact gun.... after lots and lots of PB blaster... but the nut is not the trouble... the pitman arm itself is the trouble
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