1. I just bought a 1988 Wrangler -- 4 cyl... Just put a new starter in.

    My question -- is it normal that when you first start the jeep that it revs real high for a few seconds then goes to normal?

    My question -- what type of models were made this year for Wranglers, and how do I know what mine is? Is it simply a Wrangler or is it a Wrangler something -- ???

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    My 1988 wrangler -- a few questions

    Congradulations!!! mine is an '88 Wrangler as well.

    How high does it rev when you start it? Mine revs up some, but it's not really high.

    As for the model, I'm not really sure what all they made, but if its just got the 4 cyl (like mine) and nothing that indicates it is something else, it is probably just a regular Wrangler.

  3. your jeep should rev up to about 1000 rpm's for a couple of minutes when you first start it. as for the model, unless you have a rio grande you have just a regular wrangler.

    hope that helps

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    Rio Grande was only '95 I believe.

    Later model plain 4bangers were the Wrangler S, don't know if it applied to your '88 or not.

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