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    Alright, here goes. My brother has a 91 Wrangler with the 2.5L 4 banger. The motor is on it's way out and he want's to replace it with a six from the same era. Needless to say a few questions have arisen.

    Which year 4.0L's would work best(obviously a 91, but what other years were they using that EXACT same motor)

    Im assuming it mounts in quite easy, but if im wrong, let me know.

    Can the 4banger transmission be used, if not, should we try to get the 4.0 transmission with the motor.

    What other components might need to be replaced with the swap? fuel pump, computer, etc?

    do we need accessories(power steering pump, alternator, etc) off of the six, or are they the same as the four?

    What else might this job entail? Any surprises, or troublespots?

    thanks for all the help. if i missed a question, please feel free to give me any and all information.

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    You will need the 4.0 transmission AND t-case, as the 4 cyl one is a 21 spline.

    Anything from 91 on up from any Jeep vehicle will work for you. I think 87 was the first year the Cherokee used a 4.0 liter, but I understand the early ones are not as good.

    ANY Grand Cherokee engine will be good. My understanding is that they are rated a little higher in horsepower, too. Not sure why.


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    Oh, and another thing, the mounts are in the wrong place. You will have to cut yours out and re-weld them or build custom mounts.

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    You need to get all the Acc. off the new(used) 6. All the mounts are different. Find a Big Block nd make it worth the time!

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