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    Long story short-

    Temp Gauge didnt work -> replaced it -> worked awesome for couple months (got up to bout 195,200ish then dropped down)

    but now its clockin up to 210 and higher, and dropping very little, if at all.

    I checked my coolant (had to add some) and pulled my thermostat for a test today and it passed with flying colors.... there are no leaks anywhere in the system......

    What gives? Is the weather really severe enough to have a 20-30 degree increase? (Got up to about 80 today, and yesterday too)

    My best guess is that i have an air pocket somewhere in the system... the heater is still working though.... if thats the case how do i get it out? THen again maybe its something else... any help would be greatly appreciated. I wanna run this motor til it blows to smitherines on its own, but i dont have the money to replace it yet, so i gotta watch out for these problems.
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    That is normal operating temp. 200 is actually on the cool side. unles it hits like 240 i wouldn't be concerned.
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