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    I have an 01 tj with a 1" bl. I just put in my tc drop last night and now my jeep won't stay in 2nd or 4th gear. Someone told me there is an inner rubber boot it could be hitting. I was wondering if I can remove this boot without affecting anything else. Also does any one know where and how many mounting screws are holding in the center console? Thanks in advance.

  2. popping out of 2nd and 4th

    yeah you can remove the boot, and if that doesnt do the job get out the sawzall and trim the opening a little.

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    Do you need a transfer case drop with a body lift? I thought the body lift would not change the drive line angle.
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    Sorry, I should clarify I also have a rubicon express 3.5" kit in addition to the body lift.

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    Remove the shifter boot and trim away the sheet metal where the shifter hits when in 2nd & 4th (and probably reverse too).

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    Thanks for the info guys.

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    Yeah, i had the same thing, I didn't feel like trimming so i just lost the lowering kit. I have an SYE though.

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