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    I have my D44 front and it is out of a sj of some type. No clue. well it is the auto locking hub. is there a conversion kit for this. I do not know too much about this axle. cause, I think it was probably used with the quadra drive and is locked at all times, which is not what I want for my YJ. I also want to retain the 6 lug application.

    I was also thinking of sourcing a chevy blazer for the brakes, spindle and manual lock outs (which is what I desire) would this be a better option?
    It used to be a jeep Thing,
    But all that stuff broke


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    if you can buy manual hubs for that dana 44 that would be the best opion IMO. look for a set of flat top knuckles( case you ever go with high steer) and just use all the chevy parts from the knuckle out....lots of junk yards have these parts but the flat top knuckles may be harder to find.

    my junk waiting for Hi-Steer + rear driveshaft

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    Is there a vacuum disconnect anywhere? Like on the pass. side of the diff?

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    I think there is BH, at first I thought it was the vent, and I still do, but it might be the vacumn line. Problem is, I am at work and the axle is at home and it is still on the trailer upside down (how it landed when I dropped it) hehe But is that it, or is that the vent? and if it is so, where is the axle vent?

    I found a bunch of hi-steer knuckles on ebay for like $40+ a set. I am working out a deal to sell my blazer to a family friend who needs parts, cause his son just got into a accident and needs the front sheetmetal, I need the front end D44 parts, transmission, tcase (another project) rims and so other doo-dads. so I am gonna try to strick a deal!
    But I saw your other post, if you can email me with the info on the steering set up!
    It used to be a jeep Thing,
    But all that stuff broke


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    OT: but cool video

    Here's what your diff cover will look like (from the inside) if your SJ D44 has the vacuum disconnect. Notice the unique shape to the diff cover. There is no axle vent on the diff cover, so if anything is there it's likely the vacuum disconnect.

    IMO this is a good option to run with a front Lincoln Locker, as a manual vacuum switch will disconnect the driver's side axle shaft and allow 3wd and street driving. I sought this axle just for that purpose. Going to match it with a Isuzu Rodeo rear D44 as it has disc brakes and the same lug pattern.

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