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    Well, I've never been to a real off roading place but I am planning on it very soon. So all the places I've been looking at online have requirements that my Jeep must meet to be able to go on the trails. I see that I need tow hooks, 2 in the front and 1 in the back. Some also say they require a cb. Well I just bought the 2 front hooks and the back hook and I am currently bidding on a CB on eBay, but my question is where to mount the front and rear hooks? Also do I need anything else to go on the trails?
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    In addition to the tow points, some trails require straps and a hi-lift, or at least someone in the group to have the recovery gear... also a spare that is within 1-2 inches of your 4 main tires. Best bet would probably be to get in touch with the place you plan on visiting to see what all the requirements are.
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    yeah.. all places will be different... recovery points and equipment will be among the most important
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    The front tow hooks will mount up to your factory bumper bolts (the big tork bolts on top) if you bought the proper length hooks where the holes will line up.

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    If you have a receiver hitch in the rear, that can be used as a recovery point. But you need to get a proper shackle or hook to fit in the receiver box.

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