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    I need to get some bigger meats under the TJ. Not just because the tiny little 30x9.50s are seriously cramping my style, but so the wife feels a little more secure when she takes it out. Total poser vehicle here.....keep that in mind. It's my dd/ beach-cruiser/support vehicle. No deep mud or water and very little hard trail use is planned. I need to stay cheap, because I still need the Jeep budget going toward the CJ. My problem is I want to have 33x12.50 Swamper TSLs mounted on 10"wide wheels under it and have them clear with the front anti-swaybar disconnected. What is the LEAST I would need? Will coil spacers and a 1" BL clear these? How about the spacer and a 2"BL? I've pretty much decided on the spacers and the 2" BL to get 4" of lift without any driveline worries.....just want some feedback/opinions versus a conventional and CHEAP 4" suspension.

    How much backspacing would you guys go with?
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    RE: Re: RE: Help!! I think she might blow!!!!

    i ran 33x12.5x15" BFG AT's on 8" rims with a 2" coil spacer lift and did some moderate wheeling with little rubbing. if you're not getting too crazy i don't think you'll have any problems. spacers cost me just a little under a hundred i think.
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