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    I have become paranoid after lifting it, adding new rims, and 33s

    Tell me if this will work the way I intended and if its a good/bad idea...

    To increase the odds of my jeep NOT getting stolen, I want to put a switch in between the ingnition module and the distributor (or coil...)

    I bought a 30amp toggle switch I would like to mount secret to myself...

    Under dash, in console, or disguise it as the defrost switch, -it dont work anyway!

    That way the starter would crank away, but unless the switch is "ON" the plugs wont fire. And no-one can steal my jeep.

    Any comments? Suggestions?

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    Sounds like a good idea, I've always thought about doing that to my vehicles, too, but just don't have the "know-how" to do it. I also don't know if it would cause any other problems, either. Can't really see that it would, so long as it doesn't mess up the computer. It would also tend to flood the engine if it had a manual fuel pump, I would think, but that's a small price to pay to keep it from being stolen.

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    Got one in mine from a previous owner. Just a push button hidden under the dash. Mine cuts the power to the solenoid, so you can turn the radio on, but when you go to start it up, you get nothing.

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