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    Re: RE: Motor Oil

    So my mileage has really dropped off lately, and at 2.15 a gallon for gas Id like to fix that. Anyway, just as a starting point I pulled the codes. No check engine light, but its tripping a code 11. Found this on another site

    11* No Crank Reference Signal at PCM No crank reference signal detected during engine cranking
    11** Intermittent Loss of CMP or CKP, or Misfire Adaptive Numerator at Limit Intermittent loss of either camshaft or crankshaft position sensor, or CKP sensor target windows have too much variation

    Anybody make any sense of that? Any relation to the drop in mileage? What else could that cause if not?

    Thanks a lot


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    I'd guess a bad CPS (Crank Position Sensor).

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    So the CPS can go bad without big drivability problems? I always thought the thing would barely run if that went out. Could that have effected my mileage or should I be looking somewhere else for that problem?



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    RE: XJ Part Numbers needed


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    RE: Code 11

    From what I've heard and read, when it goes or is going out, your troubles can be very intermittent and hard to diagnose. ........sorry, all I can offer.
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