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    Well I got my first experience on slick roads last night with my 97 TJ and decided the tires need to be replaced before I spin out on the freeway. I currently have 31 x 10.5's on it... no lift on it... the tires are getting REALLY bad, so I need to do something here quick.

    I wanted to go with a 4" lift and goto 33's... but with Christmas approaching soon... the cash flow isn't there. So I was trying to see if there is something I can do for tires and rims, and then put in a full suspension lift in the spring so I can hit the trails. The 31's rub as it is, can I put a body lift on it so that I can put 33's on it? I know those are alot cheaper, and then I could wait until spring and hopefully get the cash together by then.

    Can anyone recommend tire sizes/rim sets, body lift kits to help me out?



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    just don't drive like an idiot for a while... and save up while driving what you have.[addsig]

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    It's not a matter of driving like an idiot (even though that is a common occurance..) it's a matter of having maybe a less that a 1/8" of tread, and as soon as it starts snowing (which is anyday) I'm gonna be screwed... The plows don't come down our road... I'm gonna need to get out, and I don't think these tires are gonna cut it[addsig]

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    mastercard or visa? [addsig]

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    Don't know where you live or if there are any tire dealers in the area that accept trades, but that's what I did. There is this less than reputable looking establishment that I drove by and told myself, "what the heck?" Turns out he had access to many of the same brands, and since he accepted trades, there was more to bargain with. I got 5 - 33X12.50's with 5 rims for $800. Not too bad. So...my advice, go with a new set of 31's, drive like an idiot all you can, and when the time comes in the spring, go to a dealer who rips people off for used tires and sell yours to him...getting a good deal on a new set to match the lift. [addsig]

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    you can fit 33/12.50's with a 3 inch body lift....that's the most economical way. I you want the 4 inch suspension it'll cost you about 600 bucks but it will give you better flex...just depends on what you will be doing.[addsig]

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    if you are really cheap you can rin a 3 inch body lift made out of hockey pucks. That will cost you like 30 bucks. Also a 4 inch suspension is not 600 my pro-comp was 1500 or something.


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