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    RE: Calico 4/30/05 - 5/1/05

    when im off roading, my driveline (front or rear not sure??) squeaks whenever i get it wet or go through sloppy mud.

    is that normal?

    it does not squeak in the rain...

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    RE: Mom takes kids for first swim of 2005!

    Grab the driveline (with it in neutral and the vehicle properly supported/blocked so it won't roll) and see if you can wiggle it at the ends where the u-joints are. They should be VERY solid and not move side to side.

    If the joints are greasable, grease them. If they are not, they could just need to be replaced.

    Or it could be coming from the wheel/hub areas???

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    Re: RE: Re: More stupid people in Salisbury

    I would take it one step further.. remove the driveshaft and check it by hand out of the vehicle... a squeaky u-joint may not be sloppy.. and if it has started squeaking, greasing it won't fix it.. the damage has already been done.. spend the $15 and relace them, you'll thank yourself later.
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