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    This is for anyone who has put light brackets onto their windshield. Not the ones that bolt onto the hinges, but that attatch directly to the windshield frame higher up. I have just purchased a set for my CJ and they came with 4 sheet metal screws, (two per side). I have a hard time believing that these will hold a light in place for years to come. My question is what has everyone used to install them; crush nuts? weld? I don't think that the frame it strong enough for the weld. Mabye the screws work? Any and all advice, tips, and techniques would be very helpful.

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    I would strongly advise NOT drilling into the windshield for anything! It may sound like a neat idea right now, but after time, the windshield will rot away from it! The holes will leak, no matter how well you may "goob" them up with sealant. Eventually, you'll have problems. If you plan to keep the vehicle for any length of time, you WILL regret drilling into it. The windshield frame is plenty strong enough to support them. If your looking for trail illumination, I suggest you aquire the hinge mounts or place the lamps on the fenders, or on the bumper. Here's a thought, do you wheel with the windshield down? If so, mounting your lamps there will do you absoultly no good for you. (yes, I have wheeled at night and my windshield is laid down 90% of the time I'm off road)

    When I first got my CJ-5 back, Jan 83'(it's an 82') after the winch, I wanted the light bar loaded with 150 KC daylighters, and got one, and loaded it up! I drilled holes to mount the light bar, mounted the lamps, wired them up, and BAMM, lit up the night!. Quickly realized I didn't like the reflections from the hood, crap on the windshield, (moisture, dust etc...) Sure, the 4 lamps turned teh night into day, but I couldn't see out the darn windshield! did me no good to have all that light! a

    As a results of my drilling for the light bar many yrs ago, I have new winshield frame to install, as mine did in fact rot out on me from water leaks. I had the light bar for, all of 2 weeks! gave it away shortly after removing it.

    Now, all the lights I have are 2 KC style 150W amps mounted to my fenders. They, (when I replace the bulbs), throw just as much light as the 4 I had mounted yrs ago.

    So, PLEASE refrain from drilling into your windshield (exterior) to mount lights. Put them dowm low where they will do better for you. Save your windshield from premature rot. (More than likely it'll rot out anyway), you don't need to accelerate the process.


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    What JPRTROY said. If you have already boight them and cant take them back and get something else or cant sell them to somebody then it would be a waste not to mount them. The guy I bought my jeep from had la light bar mounted on the windshield. So guess what I get a rain storm on my feet when I wash my jeep and some ugly rusting holes. I put RTV in all of them but I still know they are there and when I folded my windshield down for my first time the entire bottom of the winshield fram fell out in pieces it looked like about 5 bowls of cornflakes. If we havent talked you out of it, secure them well you can see where the holes have been bent like alot of force has bee applied to them. Think of how heavy the bar is and how much wind will hit them and how bouncy things get when you are wheeling and other things like hitting a bird etc just a thought. But I know how it is buying something and then finding out maybe I should have not bought it good luck[addsig]

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