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    I need to find an engine computer for my 92' YJ with a 2.5. If anyone has an idea of where I can find a computer cheap, let me know. It doesn't matter if it's used or new, preformance or not. I just to need to find something cheaper than the $750 one that the dealer sells. I'm a poor college student so this kind of money isn't at hand. If I can't find one I hate to sell the jeep just because the computers shot(I've become very attached to jeep in the past 2yrs). Thanks much, Paul[addsig]
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    Just to let you know, I moved your previous post to the wanted section.. Guess I should have mentioned it

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    junkyard... pickn'pull... ebay... classifieds...[addsig]

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    Junkyard would be best.. or http://www.jeepsareus.com[addsig]

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