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    RE: We made it to Mass now need parts

    Hey. For those of you who read my last post on my transmission blowing, I need help now. My jeep has been to two different shops who both thought the transmission was gone from the loud noise it was making. They pulled out the transmission and pulled it apart but it's all good. Turns out the noise was coming from my rearend and transmitting up the driveshaft into the transmission which made them believe it was the transmission. I have an 8.8" rearend sitting here but it's shot...needs a complete rebuild, then needs to be modified to fit my jeep. I don't have the time to wait for this to be done. I need to know if there's any complete aftermarket rebuild kits for my stock rear axle that'll be close if not better than the 8.8. I don't want to spend the money having my stock axle rebuilt with stock parts just to pull it out sometime in the near future to be replaced with the 8.8. I need almost everything. I need the carrier, the shafts, bearings ect, ect. I need to order this by tomorrow so if anyone knows of a good, complete kit please let me know. Thanks.

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    Need help ASAP please!

    I'm guessing it's a D35 rear end that you need parts for, right?

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    RE: Need help ASAP please!

    Oh ya. It's a 93 YJ 4.0L with a D35.

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    If your going to spend all that $$ on rebuilting everything....You just as well should put the $$ into the 8.8 you have laying around. Any competent gear shop could set the axle perches up for you for next to nothing scince your spending a wad on the rebuild.......

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