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    Steering shaft replacement

    I'm looking into paint options for my CJ7. My fallback plan is just plain flat black primer. Anyone ever paint their car with the aerosol stuff from auto parts stores? Also, someone mentioned to me a website that sells decent quality paint for $35 a gallon...hmmm...any ideas on that, or what website they were referring to? Oh and I know the color question has been discussed here before, but if you had to choose between mineral gray, red or black, what would you go with?

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    Spray cans can do a decent job if your main goal is to just have the whole thing the same color. Just like with a "real" paintjob, the prep work is just as important as the paint.

    As for a color choice, darker colors show more flaws in the bodywork. Also the nicer the quality and the "deeper" the paint, the more flaws will show. Ever notice how plain white Jeeps usually look good and at least 75% of black Jeeps look a little ragged? White hides everything but dirt.

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    Pricing is a bit higher than that, but this is good stuff:

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    RE: shackle problem

    Also keep in mind flat colors are harder to clean. Especially a flat black that's been rattle canned on. It is a sweet look though!!

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    If it is metal primer will not seal out water so if it is taken to bare metal before it will rust bad . If you are going to spray bomb it don't use primer use a flat paint or sanding sealer, just rent a spray gun get a cheap gallon of paint and thinner some harder and paint away (use double the harder will help gloss) tape it up and have fun.

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    So the rattle can paint will achieve a consistent color, but not look too great? I like the idea of it if it would look good, as I could touch up scratches pretty easily. Also, I'm spraying por-15 on the frame and underside of the tub...if I sprayed it on the rest of the body, would I be able to primer and paint over it and still have it look good?

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    I did a "rattle can" job on the tins of my old harley and with all the coats and wetsanding it would have been easier and quicker to use "decent" paint and just 1 or 2 coats... - if you just want one color and not concerned w/quality go w/the cans - otherwise, go with exjay's idea of cheap w/hardener = just make sure the prep is done - scotchbrite the existing paint or prime the bare metal... not a painter but have done my share of "hack" jobs....
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