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    My YJ is making a ticking sound, dont notice it a idle only when i give it some gas. What could be wrong?
    Thanks, Tink

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    RE: fuel efficient 2.5L YJ???

    Does the ticking speed up and slow down with the RPMs? Could really be any number of things from the alternator to the lifters to the PS pump to the water pump to a piece of straw in the radiator hitting the fan (my old Toy had that and it 'bout drove me crazy before I finally found it!).

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    RE: Are tj rims and yj rims interchangeable?

    Yes it speeds up with the rpms.

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    studdering on part throttle

    What year and engine?

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    92 2.5

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    RE: I finally found the Video

    Most likely an exhaust leak. The YJ 2.5L was prone for breaking the exhaust studs at the very front and very rear of the exhaust manifold. Check it out and you'll likely see a hole where a stud and nut should be.

    Mine got a lot quieter when those broken studs were fixed.

    I've also seen this on many 4.0L jeeps, so check 'em out. Have fun repairing, there is a replacement stud/nut kit you can get from the stealership.

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    YEah mine did that too. I never replaced mine though

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    RE: 91 jeep wrangler steering column broke

    could be debris in a lifter too, a good way to tell if it's an exhaust leak is to take a short length of hose while your jeep is running and hold 1 end of the hose at your ear and move the other at & around the exhaust ports, if it is an exhaust leak you will hear it "thpt, thpt, thpt" . If it's a lifter it will be more of a tapping sound, (some are very hard to tell apart). Then I would suggest adding a lifter additive to see it it frees the lifter, after an oil change & it's still there I'd suggest replacing the lifters.

    best of luck :P
    Dan & Stephanie
    His & Hers Jeep Wranglers \'95 YJ/\'99 TJ

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