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    Before I decided to stroke my 4.0L, I bought a stock replacement timing chain and gear set. Now I have all the parts ready minus the pistons due to a delay with the machinist, and am wondering if I should go ahead and buy a double roller timing set to use. I'm hoping this motor will last a long time, seing as I'm going all-out with reground crank, bored+decked block, moly piston rings, new valvetrain, and the list goes on. So, can I expect high mileage out of a stock-style timing set in my stroker that will match the moly piston rings? Or should I bite the bullet and get a double roller?

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    Re: RE: Check this out (ORCC)

    Hey, when you're all done can you list everything you had to replace and what the total cost was. Any problems you ran into. I'm thinking about stroking mine and I've seen a couple of different kits available off the internet.

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    Go with a Mopar Performance double roller.
    Try part number P5249519,
    or the gear drive which is P5249009.

    Good source for Mopar Performance parts cheap:

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    I bit the bullet and ordered a $100 double roller timing set today. That, along with new rockers, were the last things i had to take care of. I got my piston and rod assemblies in the mail today, machined, weight matched, reconditioned w/ARP rod bolts, and they look beautiful. A buddy will be getting a performance head gasket from the dealer for me soon, and then the motor should be ready to assemble (though it will be months before the CJ is ready for it). Craig, I will definately make a victory post describing the motor as well as the rest of the Jeep when it's done (I'd like to get it running before I recommend my setup to anyone).

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