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    I'm having a problem with my '85 CJ7. I need some help. Here's some background info and the problem:

    I have a push button starter switch wired directly to the solenoid. When the igntion is switched "on" the voltmeter goes up to 12v, then when I push the starter button the volts drop to zero and the starter will not turn over. I replaced the solenoid, but the problem remains. Also, when the ignition is switched "on" and I turn on the headlights or a turn signal, the same thing happens. I've had this push button switch on this jeep for 8 years. It has always worked perfectly. I have a new battery and cleaned all the conections. What can I do?

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    Sounds like the battery is a dud or the starter is fried. Pull both and take them down to be tested. Usually they will test them for free.
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    Rim protection

    Thanks redrooster. I will pull the battery first, and if that's not the fix...starter is next.

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    Here is how it went down.
    Replaced solenoid. Didn't start.
    Replaced battery. Didn't start.
    Replaced battery cables. Didn't start.
    Replaced Starter motor. Didn't start.
    Replaced cable from solenoid to starter....she fired right up!!!
    Could it have been a "fusible link" in the cable? There were no visible defects in the cable. Anyway my CJ7 is ready now with all new ignition parts!

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    I think that's just a heavy gauge wire, not a fusable link. Probably just got old and corroded in there and had too much resistance to let enough current run through.

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