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    I have an 83 CJ7, with the 151 GM engine and T-176 transmission. I have been told that I could drop a 350 in it, as it has a GM bolt pattern. What am I going to be getting into? I realize that I will need an exhaust, power steering and motor mounts, but my question pertains to the actual mounting of the engine to the transmission, as far as the tail shaft and clutch. Thanks for any and all info!

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    can't help as far as info on the swap, but send me some pics of the install and I'll put them on the site.

    Good luck,
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    I have pretty much decided on a stock 350 or mild 305. I would like to go with a TBI, but am not really wanting to mess with all of the wiring and fuel mods, not to mention a computer.
    So how about it, anybody had any experience with an Iron Duke swap?

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    I just swapped my 151 for a 350 and it was prety much painless.I have the t-176 transmission but the bellhousing is gm and bolts right up The wiring harnes doesnt have to be changed at all. The accesorries like starter and alt bolt right up. I did need a larger radiator. I used one from a monte carlo. I had to buy motor mounts and I got them from 4 wheel drive hardware (www.4wd.com) The clutch that was in mine was like brand new so I used it and have had no problems yet. I did need to get a new flywheel and some other misc. hardware. Good luck with the swap and let me know if I can help any other way.


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    Sounds Sweet JBurd! You may also check with :


    They have a .DOC avail online which will guide you through with a parts list, ect.

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    Just the guy I was looking for! I havent found too many guys with 151's in their Jeeps. I guess you and I both are pretty lucky to have T-176's in our Jeeps.
    What about your power steering unit, I know it's a GM unit, did the factory hoses work or did you have to change something there?
    What kind of flywheel did you use?
    Thanks, I havent checked here in a few days and had pretty well decided that I was going to have to go about it blind.

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    If you're looking to install an electronic fuel injection, you will need to find a donor car and take not only the engine, but the wiring harness and computer as well. This leaves the problem of splicing it all together into your stock harness. Another option is to get a wiring harness from painless wiring at www.painlesswiring.com. This will run about $200 for the harness but makes the swap so much easier; also the small block Chevy is so easy to get parts for. Headers are already made for this engine truck combo; the only other thing to consider is possibly you may need a different fuel pump for the GM engine if you go with EFI.

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    sorry racerx i didnt reply sooner but power steering was not an issue seeing how i dont have it. i am looking to convert to power steering someday. as for the flywheel i picked it up at a junkyard for $10 and had it turned.

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    I appreciate the info guys, really! I have power steering in mine, but it's a GM unit, I guess I will have to figure out which bracket to use. Since posting, I had to redo the exhaust on my CJ. The stock manifold cracked almost in two. I bought a header and had a new system installed. I cannot believe how much power I gained, and the mileage has gone up also. I hated to spend any more cash on it, but I am probably 18 months from being able to swap.

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