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    Anyone running snow/ice tires in the winter.

    Hey. I'm planning on buying the Yokohama Geolander IT's for this winter because my MT's just plain suck on hard compact snow and icy conditions. They're great in deep snow though. The Yokohama's are more expensive than most other brands out there and they aren't the standard snow tire. They have the "ice" rating on them. Just wondering if anyone here has run these or any other brand of snow/ice tire? Looking for good/bad reviews of people's winter tires.

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    Re: Anyone running snow/ice tires in the winter.

    I have Blizzak snow tires for my Honda Civic, and it was my daily driver during the winter. Put it this way, 4x4s were sliding off the road where as my honda went right ahead. The only thing that limited me was deep snow, as my Honda would bottom out. On a Jeep, they'd be darn-near unstopable.
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    Re: Anyone running snow/ice tires in the winter.

    My buddy who's a mechanic sold a set of the Geolander IT's to a guy with a stock jeep last year and he says the thing is a snow machine. Says it handles better and he can go further in 2wd with these tires than he could in 4wd with regular snow tires. Guess I'll find out when I drive up to Whistler/Blackcomb over the new year.

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    Re: Anyone running snow/ice tires in the winter.

    cooper "arctic claws"

    multi mile "txr"

    bfg "at ko"
    http://www.cardomain.com/ride/815022 long sold.. now its a 78 cj7, 304 auto at, AMC 20 and disco front d30. 4WD is only a drive shaft install away. What I'd do for a couple of wide d44s, d300..

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    Re: Anyone running snow/ice tires in the winter.

    I had just had Pro Comp AT's put on my Jeep a couple of months ago. I live in upstate NY surronded my lake effect snow. The Pro Comps are AWESOME. They are an AT tire, but they have really deep lug on the tread. Most of the time I dont even have to go in 4X4 the tires just keep grippin. Some people think that Pro Comps are "ugly", but for the most part, I for one could give a monkey's behind what my tires look like. There were also having a sale (not sure if it is still going on) of buy three tires and get the fourth one free.

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