1. Error code...WTF!

    Got this error code on my '02 TJ...

    Ambient or battery temperature sensor voltage wrong

    Anyone know what would cause this? I will disconnect the negative to reset the code but I would still like to know what would cause it and if there might be a lingering problem.

    53k miles first time ever had a code. Coldest night in town thus far.



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    Re: Error code...WTF!

    Where are you at? What's the outside temp?

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    Re: Error code...WTF!

    Houston. Temp was in the low 40's. I went to Autozone to use thier code reader to clear the code and it won't clear out. The description on the unit says that it is a auxillary emissions system. What would the batt temp have to do with emissions? The dealership says that there is a sensor under the battery that monitors the temp. Of course for $86 they will tell me what I already know and they say not to disconnect the negative to clear the codes.

    What do you think?


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    Re: Error code...WTF!

    I'd say 40 degrees isn't cold, for one thing. Second, I'd say disconnect the neg, clear the codes, and see if it comes back. If it comes back, investigate further, if it doesn't, go wheeling and have some fun.

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    Re: Error code...WTF!

    maybe you should cover the battery in a stocking hat for the winter battery temperature sensor, pretty retarded.

    I hate that they won't do anything anymore without the $95 dollar charge to run the codes, and god help you if you have a problem and it doesnt pull any codes, they'll tell you the problem doesn't exist. I think there are only a handful of actual mechanics left in the US now, technician is code for "reads machine then does what is told"
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