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    my 93 YJ has half doors wich will not lock

    I have tried locking them with the key and from the inside

    is there some kind of safety that won't allow them to do so

    Too lazy to check owners manual


    P.S. thanks for all the great advice

    and thanks for keeping the site up


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    I have to push in on the door as I turn the key to lock. I can lock the pasenger side with key or by pushing the lock and then shutting the door but driver side has to be locked with a key after I push in on the door. Wow what a long sentence. Hope that helps! Your neighbor in East Tennessee Tug [addsig]

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    hey tug are you familiar with copperhill TN it is on the way to Tellico in very very southeast TN

    I just moved from there a few months ago[addsig]

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    Why bother to lock it at all?? If they want into it, all they have to do is cut a window. I'd rather they open a door than cut my windows. That's just an unneeded extra expence.[addsig]
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    Yeah - why lock it w/ 1/2 doors? I never lock it nor do I ever keep anything of value inside. I don't care if someone opens mine up, looks inside, sits in it while making revvv, revvvv, revvvv sounds, as long as they don't steal my toll road change on the floor board and are out of it by the time I wake up. [addsig]

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    <TABLE BORDER=0 ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH=85%><TR><TD><font class="pn-sub">Quote:</font><HR></TD></TR><TR><TD><FONT class="pn-sub"><BLOCKQUOTE> Why bother to lock it at all?? If they want into it, all they have to do is cut a window. I'd rather they open a door than cut my windows. That's just an unneeded extra expence. </BLOCKQUOTE></FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD><HR></TD></TR></TABLE>

    good point, but also consider that little kids walk around looking for unlocked cars. if they find one, they'll go in it... but if its locked, they'll keep walking. (i know kuz my friends used to do this... until i *****ed them out several times.[addsig]

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    Are the doors factory Jeep? It is unusal that both doors have the same non locking problem, unless it was done intentionally. If you remove the door panels, you will notice the linkage hooked from the inside lock and the outside key cylinder attached to the actual door lock. It might be that someone unhooked them for some reason in the past. [addsig]

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    seems to me like the curse of the jeep doors. I have to pull the latch on my back "gate" about five times softly while turning the key to lock and unlock it... if i dont i will break the key off(almost did it once). My full doors are also like this sometimes.. Try doing this with your doors... try turning the key when the handle is in different positions... the key should catch somewhere in there...my bet is it will work most of the time. but if its cold, id suggest not locking the door at all, cause it will probably take you a few fridgid minutes to get in.. NOT FUN[addsig]

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    My locks had that problem several years back. A little door lock lube sprayed into the key hole and the lock unit solved the sticking. Jeeps take a beating with all of the offroad dirt, a little TLC gets them ready for more fun. [addsig]

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