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    Does anyone know where you can find the option codes from the dealer to tell you what is exactly equipped on your jeep? I bought my jeep used and I wanted to find out exactly what came from the dealer when the last guy had my Jeep. [addsig]

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    should be a small plate under the hood with letters and will need to look them up to figure out what everything is.[addsig]
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    the jeep dealer is pretty sophisticated. i went in and asked them about the recalls that have been called on my '90 XJ, and the guy ran outside and got my serial number. he then punched it into the computer and gave me a printout of all the stuff that had been done since the car was new. i'm sure they can do the same thing to get what you're looking for.[addsig]

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    Ya'll must have good dealerships where you are from...They suck here. Those *******s would not even take the time to tell me what kind of axles I had, nor the gear ratio a couple of months ago. When they finally gave me an answer after calling a few times...guess what...they were wrong. Not good feelings of satisfaction when concerning those self centered lazy sloths. They can kiss my Jeep's a$$. Ok...I feel better now...good venting. [addsig]

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