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    im getting a whistling noise (could u guess) from the passenger door. i had a leak from my triangle window, so i thought that might be it and i sealed it, but it wasn't. if i opwn the big indow a little, the whistling gets less, and if i open it a lot, it goes away. i though it might me a cracked gasket, but theres non i can see of. does this sound like anythign to anyone? [addsig]
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    First off I'd just like to say, its a jeep it will never be completely sealed and will always have some sort of noise you can never explain. With that said, you might have a seal on the door that isn't completely sealing. What I would do is go to your local hardware store and find some selfstick 1/2 in. wide foam sealer. Take the sealer and run it along the upperjam where your door seals meet the top. I usaully do this for winter. If thats not your problem, try looking at the corners where your windshield corners and top meet. Good luck finding your whistle, Paul [addsig]
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    May be that you and your jeep are more alike than even you think, besides your ruged good looks and all you may both have air escaping from your not to well sealed upper units. lol Sorry just could not resist Dude, Tug[addsig]

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    Whistling noises from a Jeep are pretty normal. It could be anything from a bad door or window seal, window not all the way closed, to a door needing adjustment, and possibly the door just not shut all the way. (Don't laugh, it happens) If you really want to find it, get some duct tape, start putting a little along the noisy area and drive. Keep adding until you find the point of entry. Then figure out how to solve the problem. My hardtop doors were the cause of my whistling, adjusting the catch was the solution.

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    The radio antena on my CJ whistles like crazy...

    try looking at that too[addsig]
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