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    I have a 98 TJ soft top, and have been using a window mounted ski rack. Problem is that on the highway it tries to pull away from the window. I use a bungie cord to tie the front mount to the rearview mirror, but still don't like how it stresses the glass. Does anyone have a recomendation on a spare tire mount. When I surf the net everything runs around the 170 dollar range, which seems high based on my Saris (namebrand)hitch mounted bike carrier that was only 110 dollars. Any suggestions will be appreciated.... thanks[addsig]

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    i'd mount them on the back. the prefferred method: receiver rack, then the ski rack that goes into the receiver... like, from thule, or yakima, or whatever you want. my preference is Thule, they make the BEST stuff out there, but its a little pricey.[addsig]

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