1. CJ7 cheap lift....really cheap

    Me and my buddy jus picked up a cj7 for free from a friend and decided to to build 'er up. we're planning on extending the shackles about 2-3" and a 3 BL. Was wonderin what types of other things we're gonna have to do to the jeep mechanically to allow this, suck as pitman arm, swaybars and endlinks tie rods, etc. nay info will help alot, we're mechanically inclinded and doo all the work ourselves but wanna do research on the jeep thing first as we're kinda new to it.

    Thanks for your help

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    Re: CJ7 cheap lift....really cheap

    Someone else want to take this one? I don't have the patience to explain safety factors, angles, and everything else associated with this crap for the billionth time...
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    Re: CJ7 cheap lift....really cheap

    Dood, you trying to kill your self?

  4. Re: CJ7 cheap lift....really cheap

    "Lift" ultimately comes from a larger tire, not the suspension. If you are on a budget and the Jeep probably has little value since it was free, then you may opt to sawzall the fender openings for more tire clearance. A set of TJ fender flares make for a good pattern by which to make the cuts.
    Limit the amount of shackle lift you install as it will throw off your steering angles and make the Jeep unstable at any speeds. Remember that a shackle with an added two inches from center bolt hole to center bolt hole will net you a 1" lift. That's also about as much as you would want to safely go.
    I'm not a fan of Body lifts per se, but mine is now sporting an 1.5" BL. The smaller the better.
    I would advise saving up for a good suspension lift like a Rancho, Skyjacker, etc... Especially since you got the Jeep free. Splurge where it counts.
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    Re: CJ7 cheap lift....really cheap

    thanks for the advice, fairly new to off-roading, thats y im research a lot b4 i do anything too drastic.

    thanks again

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    Re: CJ7 cheap lift....really cheap

    I agree with rooster. Shackles and body lift are inexpensive. I've seen both done in drastic forms. Too much shackle lift, as already said, will cause instability and geometry problems. Body lifts, when too drastic, pose a problem with the shifter and steering shaft. They also put a lot of stress on the body mount bolts. Plus if you go too high, it just looks stupid having a body floating too far above the frame.

    If you want to go inexpensive, you can find an add-a-leaf kit that will be a supplemental leaf to your existing leaf packs. They are often good for 1.5 inches.

    If you are going on a budget and want to do a few things over time, a decent inexpensive combination is:

    1-2" body lift
    1-2" add-a-leaf
    1" MAXIMUM shackle lift
    1-2" fender trim

    This gives you a possible total of 5" of lift plus a possible 2" larger radius in your fenders. If shopping right, this can all be done for under $400. Then you have to buy tires that won't look tiny.
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