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    Starting Problem

    My 79 CJ7 258 has refused to start twice now in the past two weeks. When I turn the key, I hear what I can best describe as a buzzing or fast clicking noise coming from the starter solenoid. The engine does not turn over at all. Both times this has happened I popped the hood, checked all the connections, etc, but found nothing wrong. The first time I took a wire straight from the + battery terminal to the solenoid and it engaged and the motor turned over. I then went and turned the key and it started. It didn't do it again for about 2 weeks until tonight when it nearly stranded me at my parents' house. I tried that same trick again, but no luck. My dad was convinced it was the battery so he gave me a jump, but no improvement. After a while of screwing around with it, I tried the key again and it started.

    Anybody deal with something like this before? I don't want to get stranded somewhere, but I don't want to just start replacing stuff and hope it doesn't happen again.


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    Re: Starting Problem

    Almost 100% positive that it is your solenoid. They don't always go out all at once and usually start sticking before ending their life. If you have the trouble again just tap the solenoid with a mallet and it should break free. However I think a new solenoid/starter might be in the future.
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    Re: Starting Problem

    Thats my first guess, but I'm surprised because its pretty new. Only about 2.5 years old, and it still looks new. Not even any rust visible. I plan to swap it out, but given that this waited about 30-50 starts between episodes, I won't necessarily know that changing that fixed the problem right away. I want to make sure its the right fix so I don't get stranded somewhere!

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    Re: Starting Problem

    You've checked all connections to the solenoid and all your grounds, including the block to chasis ground?
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    Re: Starting Problem

    Can't you try to start it by bypassing the solenoid with a screwdriver? If it starts okay then you will know it is the solenoid.

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    Re: Starting Problem

    Well, last night when I was trying to figure out what was going on, I jumped the solenoid terminals with a set of cables and it didn't do anything besides spark alot. Then I hooked one end of the cable to the starter terminal and then touched one to the + terminal; also nothing. This is when my dad was convinced the battery was dead and tried jumping it. I went back to jumping the + terminal to the solenoid starter signal terminal and it sparked and just barely moved the starter. This is when I went back and turned the key and it started. Being that I jumped the terminals of the solenoid, I don't think its just the solenoid. I hadn't thought of the block/chassis ground. I'll check that!

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    Re: Starting Problem

    my CJ had the same problem. me and my uncle changed the plugs, wires, distributor caps, and seliniods and it turns over fine now

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    Since mine was a automatic transmission, I always carried an extra solenoid. They were only like $12 at Ghettozone.
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    Re: Starting Problem

    Had a similiar problem before. It turned out that the + cable going from the battery to the starter was corroded underneath the sheilding. The cable looked good at both ends where the connections were but when I peeled back the sheilding the wire was almost corroded in half.

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