1. Turn signal problem

    I have a 1988 YJ with the 4.2L engine. My problem is that the left turn signal doesn't turn off automatically after I make a turn. The right one works fine. I guess I need a new directional switch? The dealer told me there are some small springs in there I should look at first. At any rate, the steering wheel has to come off and some other things get removed too. Has anyone done this before? Any tips? Things to look out for? Do I need a wheel puller or special tools? Any help before I start is appreciated....

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    Re: Turn signal problem

    I to have the same problem with my 95 2.5 YJ. I found a very cheap and very affective way to fix the problem. When finishing your left hand turn simple drag your fingers of "your" left hand to stop the signal. And then it turns off. i know this sounds advanced and sometimes confusing but it becomes second nature after time.

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