1. Is this a good buy?


    I'm just getting into the jeep thing and have found that my 1988 YJ 4 speed is going to take a lot more money than I want to spend right now to get it trail ready.

    There is a 1972 CJ5 with a 304 5.0L V8, 4" rancho lift, rancho shocks, flowmaster, new carb, 33" Mudterrains but it's a 3 speed. The guy wants $4500 obo.

    I would appreciate any opinions/comments. Is a 3 speed any good? Thanks!

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    Re: Is this a good buy?

    Where U at? I have a '76 with 4" lift and 33" M/T's and a 6000lb winch $2500 in Austin TX! http://austin.craigslist.org/car/187254247.html
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    Re: Is this a good buy?

    That sounds better! However, I'm in Sacramento, CA.

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    Re: Is this a good buy?

    $4500 would buy a lot of YJ parts. And a 4" lift and 33" tires doesn't necessarily make a jeep trail ready. It'll be a dog if it has stock axle gears, the stock 304 can be anemic and the 3spd has very wide ratios, difficult to wheel.

    I'd build the YJ, but then again I've had a few of them. Much better platform than the CJ.

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    Re: Is this a good buy?

    Thanks for the input Bounty Hunter. Was running out the door when I made original post and now see that I screwed up. Not 4 speed, 4 cyl!

    I'm looking for something that I can use now without too much $$ - I know there is always something more needed . If I get another jeep it will be a replacement. I'll sell the YJ. I think I would need to put in a 6cyl in the YJ for starters plus the lift, tires, wheels, etc, etc.

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    Re: Is this a good buy?

    I agree with BH, even being a 4 banger you could make that YJ a trail warrior for much less then you want to buy that CJ for, and it would be more capable than the CJ in it's current form.

    Dude... build the YJ!!!

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    Re: Is this a good buy?

    Where the 4banger lacks on the highway, it makes up for offroad with the proper gearing. Having owned an '88 YJ with a 350, I'm surprisingly happy now with my 4banger YJ. It really goes a lot of places the 4.0L jeeps can't, including Rubi's.

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