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    Lightbulb CJ 7 Frame, YJ Body

    Hey there!
    I joined this group a few years ago when owning a Jeep was only a dream. It's been so long since I've been on that I can't remember my old password, or the e-mail I used! So I created a new profile. The time has finally come. I bought a rusted to crap 83 CJ 7 2 years ago. We scrapped the tub, had the frame sand blasted, painted it with POR 15 and ran out of money. Sad. ...But now... I've decided I don't care if I eat Easy Mac and live in a box, I WILL BUILD MY JEEP!!! So I found a YJ tub for $500. Fantastic deal! Hardly any rust. It's being sand blasted and painted as we speak. Anyone here ever put a YJ body on a CJ frame? I'll take all the pointers I can get!


    P.S. Heloise is my Jeep's name
    Heloise is Hell on Wheels!!! (Or at least she will be...)

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    Hello and welcome back!

    While I have never done this you are in the right place. Lot's of good info here.

    I have heard that it is pretty easily doable except for the gas intake is on the wrong side and one of the body mounts will need to be moved.

    Good luck!!

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    Re: CJ 7 Frame, YJ Body

    Did that last winter... The biggest thing was handling the 4 body mounts that don't line up. Namely the two just in front of the rear wheels and the two at the very back corners on the rear crossmember. The ones in front of the wheel don't need to move. You can use the existing U channel and hole in the tub without issue. The rear mount needs to be modified, either on the body or the frame. I chose to modify the frame. I figured out how far outboard the mounts needed to move and then cut the mount area out in a way that I could flip it over and weld it back in to be in the right spot. Not bad at all if you have access to a welder. On the tub you have to move the gas tank hole, or swap tanks, and you also have to modify the cowl area if you want the defroster to work. I cut out this part of the old tub and welded it into the new one. Also, if you plan to put CJ flares on the YJ tub, a couple of the holes from the stock YJ flares will be showing, so weld them up when you do the body work.

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    Re: CJ 7 Frame, YJ Body

    Welcome to Jeepz!

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    i did the same thing a couple of years ago. only problem was the mounts in front of the rear wheel . i altered the body for the rear mounts . i'm also running the cj gas tank so the filler neck needed a opening cut out. the cj front end pretty much matched right up and i had the come up with my own defroster set up since i'm using a cj dash. take your time and you should be fine .

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    Re: CJ 7 Frame, YJ Body

    Thanks for all the good advice so far! Keep it comin...


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    Re: CJ 7 Frame, YJ Body

    Well, we've been working on Heloise since Saturday. So far we've replaced the shackles, put a 4 inch lift and new wheels and tires (35's), wired all new engine and dash electrics, and put the YJ tub on (though it's not bolted to the frame yet) with a 1 inch lift. I'll put up pictures later this week. We've run into so many problems it's starting to get funny... I'll spend some time doing a full write up when I can. Hopefully it will help someone else.

    Now, it's time for food!!!


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    Re: CJ 7 Frame, YJ Body

    Yeah, still haven't done that write up... My bad. Lady's almost done... Haven't worked on her in a few months. Finally have some free time coming up to hang the gas tank and plum the fuel lines. After that, heating, cooling, and ignition. Hope she fires...

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    Re: CJ 7 Frame, YJ Body

    Okay no write-up... how 'bout some pics of this rig?!?!?!?

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    Re: CJ 7 Frame, YJ Body

    A couple of before:

    And a few after:

    And hopefully she'll be running in a few weeks. More pics then.

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    Re: CJ 7 Frame, YJ Body

    Oh yeah. That green looks unreal! keep up the good work and get her out muddin' ASAP

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