1. Small Lift on a small budget!

    Ok have an 89 YJ Wrangler Sahara with 31" almost new bfg a/t's. It is my summer car/ trail vehicle. Problem is it rubs the fender flares offroad. What are my best options for around $300 or so. I would love to put on a 3" lift and when the tires wear out get 33" but that will be far off. Newly married need house first! I have started wheeling the jeep at Paragon Adventure Park but won't take it on anything but an easy trail because of the rubbing. What are my best alternative for now as most 3" lifts are much more money.

    1. add a leaf lift? and which brand will give the best ride? Rancho, Trail master, Rough Country?

    2. Shackle lift? heard scary things.

    3. Look for a really cheap 3" lift kit?
    Any help appreciated.

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    Re: Small Lift on a small budget!

    Install TJ fender flares.
    1" body lift ($25 the NHL way).
    Full length AAL nets 1.5" using a pair of stock front spring packs for donors.

    Any two of the above would work best, could use all 3 together with no problems.

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    Re: Small Lift on a small budget!

    I've got a set of used TJ flares I'd sell ya. I haven't looked at them, they're still in the box, but last time I saw them (about 6 months ago on the vehicle) they were kinda faded. You can either paint them up with flex paint, or use the heat gun trick on them. Let me know if you're interested.

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    Re: Small Lift on a small budget!

    So I was ready to order a Rough Country add a leaf lift when a guy following me wheeling this wekend mentioned that my Jeep didn"t seem to flex well over some of the obstacles. Will this lift help or hurt articulation? Would a shackle lift improve articulation? I was all ready to buy the aal and install a 1" body lift to boot! Now I don"t know what to do. Any one with knowledge of these lift systems, I am pretty new to Jeep suspesions.

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    Re: Small Lift on a small budget!

    Things to help your lift and articulation on a budget:
    Full-length AAL as long as it isn't too thick or have too much arch, stock thickness leaves are good. I've done a few using donor stock spring packs and the ride didn't stiffen any over stock.
    Disconnect swaybar.
    Remove rear trackbar.

    TJ flares and/or 1" body lift.

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