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    Is this a CJ windshield???

    I purchased a Jeep Windshield Glass, from Craigs list which stated that the windshield was from a YJ, When I picked it up I even asked if it was from a YJ or a CJ, He said "not sure because selling it for a friend, but even if it isn't a YJ, a CJ glass should fit." But, when I tried to fit it, I noticed the glass was smaller, so that makes me think that its from a CJ. Can any one confirm it?

    The dimensions are roughly:

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    CJ glass is larger than a YJ frame and won't work with the CJ seal. The YJ glass is glued in with an outer seal. The CJ has the sandwich gasket type seal.
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    Re: Is this a CJ windshield???

    So, do you think this is a CJ Windshield? I can't use it and would like to know so I could sell it.

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    Re: Is this a CJ windshield???

    those dimentions do not look like a cj glass, I would have to measure mine at home to be definate, I don't recall a CJ ever having the glass taper in.
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    Re: Is this a CJ windshield???

    If you could measure it, I would greatly appreciate it. The CJ and YJ glass do taper in a bit. My drawing is over doing it slightly, sorry about that.

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    Re: Is this a CJ windshield???

    Update if anyone is interested:
    Well I found out that most likely this is a CJ Windshield. I'm going to sell it as a CJ but will state that not a 100% sure. I'll post it in the For Sale Forum

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    Thats a CJ windshield. CJ's don't have the black band around the outer edge to hide the urethane adhesive that holds YJ windshields in place. Look at any YJ and you'll noticed a black ring that goes around the whole outer edge of the windshield.
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