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    My mechanic is having a horrible time trying to get a remote starter installed on my jeep. He says he needs a copy of the secondary ignition schematics. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of this? [addsig]

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    I would try either your haines or other type of manual. I would try all the schematics in the back of the book adn see if what you want is in there. Other than that, not sure. Also, I hope your Jeep is automatic for the remote starter, Otherwise the first time you leave it in gear, you will have the biggest remote control car around.... just stopping it will be the hard part...

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    you might try sending one of those little private messages to dingus, hes got a remote start on his XJ, not sure how close the electrical/ignition systems are between what you've got and what hes got but it might be worth a try.[addsig]
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    when i bought my remote starter, i ordered a wiring schematic SPECIFIC to MY car ('90 XJ Ltd) but lemme see if this can help:

    Remote Start Wiring Location


    Tach Sensor : GRN (-) AT COIL



    Brake Switch : WHT AT BRAKE SWITCH

    Horn (Relay) : BLK (-) AT STEERING COLUMN

    which reminds me, this article would be a good one to post up on my website! thanks guys! good luck...

    and i see you're in 'hopwood' (hopewood?) pennsylvania... where is that? i'm in doylestown which is halfway between allentown and philadelphia.


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    Do the remote starters work on jeeps, etc. that are manual transmission's? I heard somewhere they didnt.[addsig]

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    you would have to bypass the clutch solenoid and always leave the jeep in nuetral. [addsig]
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    My Jeep doesn't have the clutch solenoid, you can start the Jeep without pushing down the clutch at all. ('92 2.5) Other making sure that it has to be neutral I would think that it is possible. I would wire it up somehow so that you would have to have the emergency brake down, (use the parking brake solenoid- the one that activates the 'BRAKE' light when its depressed) just so you would have to put the parking brake down which would help you remember to leave it out of gear. Otherwise, first time you started you Jeep in gear you would be envisioning old episodes of Knight Rider hoping you didn't run into anything....

    Hope that helps...

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    Thanks everyone for the replies. I ordered the Haynes manual last week - hopefully that will have the info he needs. I think I may need to get a new mechanic. [addsig]

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    now that i have a decent respectable web host, i can link this to my website:

    Dingus' Alarm Install Page[addsig]

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