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    CJ Brake Booster

    I am having a hard time finding a new booster for my 79 CJ-7. Apparently 82-86 models were different b/c you can find boosters for them all over the place. Does anybody here know what the difference is? Can I use the available model without difficulty? I need a new master cylinder too. Mine was leaking, so I got a reman one. Its still leaking. Now I am reading about how often these reman ones are bad... So while I am replacing the MC and the booster, does anybody have any experience with a bolt-in upgrade? I am capable of making something work, but don't have time for it this summer... I need bolt-in, or darn close to it. Any suggestions? Thanks guys.

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    Re: CJ Brake Booster

    You may want to consider upgrading to the YJ brake system (booster & master cylinder). I've never done this upgrade as I own a YJ. Check out these two links for the process and instructions. They each present essentially the same information, with minor variances/additional information between the two.


    Hope this helps!

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