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    Timing chain tensioner

    Does a 1994 4.0L have a timing chain tensioner? The Chilton manual I have shows one, but I don't remember there being one when I took the motor apart. Is there just that small rubber piece that slides into the inside of the timing chain cover and sits next to the chain, or is there something more? Working on building a stroker and am not sure if I have all the parts...

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    Re: Timing chain tensioner

    So i figured out that it only has a chain dampener, not a tensioner. However, i've had some trouble getting the timing chain set right. The manual says to point the two markings on the timing gears towards each other, and then rotate the gears so that there are 15 pins on the chain between the two markings. Well I can do one or the other, because when i point the markings at each other there are 20 pins between the notches. Any ideas? I'd hate to have the chain on wrong and blow up the motor as soon as it turns over...

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