1. Newbee to the MC 2100....uh.......help...please?

    Well, I replaced the crappy carter with the infamous MC 2100, well, I think it's a 2100. It has no side markings as far as 1.08 or anything. Anyone have any pics of their linkage setups or the v8 cable swap? If so, please post. Another question, It will not idle at all. By the way, I have the 258 with T-150 transmission, Stock distributor, and no emissions crapola. ,,
    I would really appreciate some help with this. I'm so excited to try this carb out.

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    Re: Newbee to the MC 2100....uh.......help...please?

    I don't know anything about this swap, but I searched for 2100 and found some posts that may help you:



    When you say it won't idle - do you have to give it more gas to get it to run?
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