1. just bought tj, need help

    hey guys im new to jeeps... i just got one back in my home town from over here in iraq... my main uses for the vehicle will be a daily driver, and taking it out often for camping and paintballing excursions... heres the parts i was planning on getting, i want to be able to get up in the back woods in the mountains of colorado with no problem, but also not spend too much on gas and have it uncomfortable to drive.

    Rubicon Express 2" coil spacer kit 235
    Aussie Lockers, front and rear 480
    BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO Tires 560

    theres the parts with price estimates.. im trying to keep it cheap. thanks for the help

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    Re: just bought tj, need help

    Welcome to Jeepz. Looks like good choices. If you are going to need lockers for the terrain your driving on then you may also consider front swaybar disconnects.

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    Re: just bought tj, need help

    yea sway bar disconnects sound good too, i know that helps with the flex of the vehicle and the quick disco allows them to be easily engaged for on road and disengaged for off road driving correct? i wont be doing any real hardcore trails, i want the lockers mainly for traction in wet or winter weather, and im building the jeep to get me places others cant for fun nights of beer drinking in the middle of the woods with a tent and a friend or two

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