I'm having Fuel Pressure problems with my 89 Wrangler.
We installed a 2004 vintage 4.0 Complete which requires 49.2 pressure +/- 2.0 or 50 ideally.
The stock 89 tank had no fuel pump so I bought and mounted a late 80's vintage Big Ford Truck (external to the tank E2000 I think) in line pump which puts out like 100 pounds (too much) so than I bought and installed a 1998 Grand Cherokee frame mounted Regulator Filter which did nothing. The E2000 seemed like it was screaming - couldn't suck in fuel as fast as it pushed it out so I bought a 1995 YJ 20 gallon tank with a pump in it which puts out 34 pounds I think and satisfied the Big Ford pumps input requirements. I than went thru 2 adjustable fuel pumps which I bought on eBay for $50, I returned the first they sent me another but that one won't adjust either. I just acquired an adjustable which is a hot rod part for these Japanese cars, it's worth over $400 but I have to get some AN fittings and Stainless hose to hook it up.
I have this fuel tank from this 2000 which has a pump in it that will probably satisfy the 2004 engines needs but will it go up in the place where the current tank sits etc????????
Any Help is apprechiated,