1. 2.5 installation....

    Now that I have rebuilt my engine in my '94 Wrangler could I get some tips on installation. I pulled it out at the bellhousing so was wondering if I should pull the 5 speed and reinstall it as a married unit. Also should I wait and put the motor mount brackets on after in place in the engine compartment? I've put engines in numerous Chevys both manual and automatics and have always better luck putting in as married units. Many a time under a car on my back with a transmission on my belly humping to get things to go together. I'm getting too old and would just rather have a good meal as compared to humping transmissions....Also without lifting blocks and a cherry picker is there an illistration of where lifting points on the complete engine should be. Thanks alot...

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    Re: 2.5 installation....

    Welcome to the Z. I would leave the transmission installed if it were me, less work involved. The motor mounts can go in once the engine is in the bay and you have the engine and transmission together. Leaving them out will give you more room to move the engine to help get the transmission input shaft into the clutch.

    Are you installing a new clutch while the engine is out?

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    Re: 2.5 installation....

    Thanks I think I will install it that way. Yes new clutch and throw out bearing....Thanks again...

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