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    Just about tune up time here. I have the 2.5 4cy. Any recommendations on what is the best plug to use?[addsig]

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    I use Autolite 985 plugs in my 95YJ 4 and work good...splitfire plugs are rumored to be good but I think $4 a plug is just too much.[addsig]

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    My preference is are the Bosch Plat. plugs. I have read many articles about the splitfire plugs and in every one I have seen the Bosch plugs perform better. This was of course while reading for plugs for my Camaro, but I would assume that if the Bosch plugs work better in a V8, then they would work better in a 4 banger too. Granted, it was a small gain using the Plat 4 plugs, which sell for $6 a piece, but a small gain is better than no gain right?

    Hope this helps, and no, I am not running Plat 4 plugs in my Jeep. Just the Autolite plugs. The Jeep motor isn't quite as tweaked and tuned as my other ride so its not worth the extra $$ to me.....[addsig]

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    A lot of the newer vehicles use the plat. plugs and the last 100,000 miles so if you do the math they are not that expensive. [addsig]
    78\'CJ5 Red, TFI conversion.

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    i went with the Bosch platnium +4 plugs in my 350, if you're changing plugs for a tune up i'd also recomend changing wires, a good set of wires can be a little pricey but can also make a world of difference, i personally went with the Bosch 8mm wires[addsig]

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    I have a 97 2.5 I put split fire platnuim plugs in it and what a differance. I would recommend them If not definatly go with platnuim of some sort. they pay for themselves [addsig]
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    I, too, use Autolight 985 plugs in my 2.5L. They're nice and cheap, but they do the job and do it quite well.[addsig]
    1993 YJ 2.5L 5-speed

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    In regards to spark plugs again, a lot of it depends on your personal perference. Some people swear by Bosch, some swear by Splitfire. I personally much prefer Splitfire, but that is my opinion. Either way, one thing to keep in mind is that crappy plugs usually will need to be replaced sooner than nice platnium plugs. Just try to estimate how many crappy plugs you would go through in the time you had the platnium plugs in. More to start with, but they pay for themselves down the road...[addsig]

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