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    Is this the beginning of.....

    DW or is something just loose? I have a stock 2007 JK, 2 door. 18" wheels, 32" tires. I have been noticing on the way to work, mostly in our parking lot, I am feeling a little wobble. Can't tell if it's the road or the jeep. It's not bad but is there something I should check before it gets bad? I just had her in for her second oil change and had the tires rotated while she was there. The air pressure in the tires are good.

    Any Ideas?

    If this is something I can check I would rather instead of taking her to the dealer...


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    Re: Is this the beginning of.....

    it wouldn't hurt to get the Wheel Balance checked. The question is , Was She wobbling prior to the Tire Rotation or did it start after?. if it started after the Tire Rotation then you can narrow it down to the front tires that used to be in the Rear Axle. Low Speed (5-15mph) wobbbles are usually from an out of round Tires or in some cases, scalloped and feathered tires from an uneven wear. I hope this kinda Helps you.

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    Re: Is this the beginning of.....

    As SteelHeadz said, have the tire shop check your balance. I had just bought some new 31's not long ago and within a month my front end started shimmying pretty bad, took it back to the shop and found that a wheel weight had fell off. Good as new now.
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    Re: Is this the beginning of.....

    Thanks for the reply guys. I will check this as soon as I get back in town. Ok so I am sitting here on vacation, didn't get to bring the jeep , and remembered that yes the shimmy started before the tire rotation, but I will still have the balance checked when I get back.
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